“BUY THE FULL UNSENCORED VIDEO OR PHOTO SET” Although the famous ALGAR WATERFALLS are in fact just outside Benidorm its a popular place to visit by those traveling to Benidorm on holidays. Its beautiful and well worth a visit. Bit of advice when considering, the water is always freezing but refreshing at the same time […]


Another question I get asked on a very regular basis is about the Benidorm swinger lifestyle and community. There are a few swinger clubs in Benidorm but they seem to close down often and reopen again so its difficult to rely on google searches. There are also beaches and places were people go to have […]

Nudist beaches Benidorm and nearby

Benidorm has a couple of little nudist beaches..  On the way toward the cross but by the coast.  These 2 nudist beaches are great and can be quite busy.  However at times families in the area and on the beaches so be prepared. I also go on a regular basis to a few other nudist […]


I love these, JADE FRIDGE MAGNETS. I have 2 on offer and buy them as a gift for someone or for treat yourself. It’s also a great way of gifting and supporting me. WINTER JADE is a high quality magnet ideal for your fridge or anything made of metal. WINTER JADE MAGNET ONLY £4.50 plus […]

Para Gliding NAKED was so fun.

“BUY THE FULL UNSENCORED VIDEO OR PHOTO SET” I have to admit i love to things that are different. Jumping off a mountain and flying completely naked with just my shoes on had to be done. The day started really early at about 8am then it was off to the location in the mountains, They […]

My Famous Extreme STRIPTEASE.

I’m sure you have heard about my Sara Stripper extreme strip.The strip is with your stag or chosen person in the chair.Its double the length of any other strip in Benidorm and includes constant body contact with all the group and im completely naked from the first few minutes. Lots of whipping, cream and I […]


I WILL BE AT MILLERS BAR IF YOU WANT CUSTOM BODY / FACE PAINTING DONE.  From just €15 for 1 limb or €20 for 2 limbs. You will be able to find me at MILLERS BAR next to the Benidorm UK SQUARE area. I will be at MILLERS BAR from around 11am right through to […]