Winter Months in Benidorm

Yes winter is here and the resort of Benidorm still goes on and on and on.

Question: Is Benidorm a all year round resort?  Answer: That depends on what your wanting.

Jade Benidorm

Winter Weather.

The winter in Benidorm sure is a lot better weather wise than the UK, Ireland or similar.  (Today being the 20th December the temperature mid day 20 – 17 degrees) Generally sunny and pleasant during the day but at night getting chilly and in my opinion definitely wearing a coat weather.

Can you get a TAN?

Yes the sun is still out all year round so it’s still possible to get that sun tan while your here.  remember the days are generally nice but it will get colder at night when the sun goes down.

Winter Accommodation.

When it comes to Hotels and winter accommodation, prices are great due to being off season so you can pick up some great deals.

Winter things to do

Obviously there is a much reduced amount of business’s open like bars, clubs, restaurants etc but it is the numbers game.  Less tourists, less things open.  Some bars and restaurants are actually known for opening all year round and do still get busy so its well worth coming and having a great time.

Some bars will have live entertainment or shows ready to entertain you.

Other activities operate in the winter too so theirs always something to do.